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Prepare for Winter with an Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

We at Curry Honda Atlanta want all our community to drive safe and prepare for the winter months. An emergency kit for your vehicle will help you feel ready for winter driving hazards. Your kit should include items for you, your passengers and your vehicle.

Winter boots, extra clothing, and blankets will help you and your passengers stay warm. You can also pack a portable cell phone charger to stay connected. Food, water, and books for children will help keep everyone calm and settled if you must wait for help. You can also...
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How to Prevent Car Theft

There are many tips that we here at Curry Honda Atlanta would like to share with you to prevent your car from being stolen. First, you should avoid parts of the city that may be known for high rates of crime. It is also a good idea to lock your vehicle at all times.

This is true whether you are driving it or have it parked in the street. As thieves like to work when it's dark, it is especially important to keep it in a garage or otherwise secured overnight. It may be also be a good idea…

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Curry Honda Atlanta Warns About the Damages of Extreme Temperatures on Your Car Battery

You don’t want to replace your car battery in any sooner than necessary. If you expose your car battery to extreme temperatures on a regular basis, you could be causing irreversible damage. It’s all the more reason to store your car in a garage or carport whenever possible.

Cold temperatures, especially when it’s below freezing, can make it hard for your battery to turn over your engine. Engine oil becomes thicker and sluggish when it’s cold. Your battery will have to work on overtime, using more energy. This will take a toll on your battery’s…
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Common Technology Features in Crossover SUVs

A crossover SUV is designed to perform well on urban roads in Chamblee and the surrounding area. Curry Honda Atlanta will talk about the benefits of driving this type of family vehicle, which is usually available with three rows of seats. Some models might be spacious enough for up to eight occupants.

In addition to having a spacious cabin, a crossover SUV includes advanced technological amenities that appeal to people with smartphones and tablets. For example, an entry-level infotainment system with a touch screen is expected to support wireless Bluetooth 
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Hatchbacks Offer Safety and High Resale Values

While SUV’s are known for their safety chops, another smaller vehicle class is just as impressive on the passenger and driver safety fronts. This vehicle class is known as the hatchback, and many models offer drivers and passengers the latest in safety technology. Here at our Curry Honda Atlanta location, we take pride in helping our customers find the safety features that meet their specific needs.

On the safety front, many modern hatchbacks offer drivers and passengers an effective mix of useful and potentially life-saving safety features. For example, quite a few...
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Protect Your Valuables in Your Truck With a Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers can serve to protect and secure your items that are in the bed of your truck. If you need to carry loose items that can blow out of the truck or need to leave items in the truck unattended, then having a truck lid can protect your things. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to having a tonneau cover.

An advantage of tonneau covers is that many of them can be locked. However, unless these locking covers are folding, removing them for more storage space can be difficult. Canvas covers are easily removable but cannot be locked…

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Changing a Flat Tire Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to change the flat tire on your car so you are back on your way in less time.
1. If the car is in the roadway, ride the rim of the flat tire a few feet until you are clear from traffic.
2. Before jacking up the vehicle, slightly loosen all the lug nuts on the flat tire.
3. Jack the vehicle high enough so the flat tire clears the road, then loosen all the lug nuts.
4. Gently pull the tire off the car, replace with the spare tire.
5. Place the lug nuts back…
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Buying Your First Trailer? Schedule a Service Checkup at Curry Honda Atlanta

There is nothing in the world quite like hitting the open road with a fifth wheel or toy hauler behind you. Whether you are heading across the country or a few miles out, you need to make sure that your vehicle and trailer are ready for the trip. A comprehensive service checkup carried out by one of our experienced mechanics will reduce your risk of a serious mechanical issue while out on the road.

During your service checkup, our team is going to inspect every inch of your vehicle. We will make sure that the drivetrain and braking system can…

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Choosing a Car Seat

You have invested in a new vehicle from our Curry Honda Atlanta and now it is time to find a new car seat to install into your car. This car seat is an incredibly important purchase. If you are involved in any kind of accident while you are driving the car seat will keep your child secure and in their seat. These seats are padded in all the right places to absorb impact.

If you have an infant then you will want the infant carrier seat that is installed rear facing. You install the base into your vehicle and then…
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How to Tailgate Like a Champ This Season

Pickup trucks provide their owners with the perfect place to host a tailgate party at their favorite games. Here at Curry Honda Atlanta, we'd like to offer some helpful tips to help you make the most of tailgating this season.

  • Load a toolbox with anything and everything you need from bottle openers to ponchos.
  • Pack your coolers with food and drink.
  • Prepare burger patties and marinade other meats the night before.
  • Clearly label drink coolers so guests can find the beverage they want fast.
  • Pack jumper cables.
  • Bring an empty plastic container for dirty dishes.
  • Bring a small first-aid…
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