Fall Car Care Tips

Fall Car Care Tips in Chamblee, GA

With the pumpkin spice invasion and Friday night football in full swing, it's the perfect time to ready your vehicle for the winter. From checking tire pressure to testing your headlights, we have four Fall tips that we think will allow you to safely drive with confidence. So, to prepare your car, truck or SUV for colder months, keep reading!

Top 4 Fall Tips

1. Tire Tread and Pressure

Did you know that your tires are affected by cold weather? For every 10-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature, tires can lose up to one pound of pressure. With less tire pressure comes less grip on those icy roads. If you haven't switched your summer tires to all-season tires yet, Fall is a good time to remember that simple chore and if you notice your tires are looking droopy, your owner's manual will have the measurement for the exact pressure needed to keep them rolling smooth. The penny method is very effective to check a tire's tread: find a penny and place it into the tread grooves in several areas. Your tire's treads are less than the recommended 2/32" if you can spot most of Lincoln's head (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

2. Battery

Battery health is also influenced by transitional seasons. Cold weather can add extra wear on your battery, so, ensuring that the connections are tight, clean and free of corrosion is a good idea. If your battery is more than three years old (you can find the manufacturer's date stamped on the battery), we recommend replacing it soon so that there are no hiccups on the road later.

3. Heating and Cooling

While rolling down your windows may have been a nice solution during the summer, making sure that your heating and cooling systems perform well before the winter will keep you warm and safe. Those systems increase your safety, such as defrosting frozen windshields for that early-morning commute.

4. Lights

Working lights become more important during the winter, too, since the days will become shorter and shorter. Grab a pal and inspect the lights on your car, even those easy-to-forget brake lights. Replace dead bulbs sooner rather than later.

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