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Financial Benefits are Endless and Empowering with Car Refinancing

If you own a car with an existing loan, you have an outstanding opportunity to improve your budget by refinancing, rather than trading it for a newer model. And Curry Honda Atlanta can help you.

Car refinancing enables you to lower your monthly payment while also potentially reducing the interest rate lower than your existing loan. Refinancing is an excellent opportunity to use the monthly savings and invest it into other areas of your budget.

With a refinance you can:

  • Pay down credit card and other debt
  • Invest the monthly savings into your 401k
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Refinancing vs. trading in your car

Want to get into a better vehicle but don’t want to pay more than your car is worth? There are a few options for you. One of them is refinancing. This is where you talk to your dealership about a lower interest rate and try to get a better monthly payment that’s allowing you to pay down a principal amount.

When you can’t refinance because you have negative equity, meaning you owe more than the car is worth, you can also trade in the vehicle. This will get you into a lower payment on a vehicle that…
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Find Out If You're Eligible for Our Military Appreciation Offer at Curry Honda


Thank you, current active-duty Military members, Military Ready Reserve members, Military veterans who are within 180 days of separation from active service, distinguished U.S. Military veterans, and the spouses of all these brave men and women. At Curry Honda, we appreciate the service and patriotism members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, and Active Reserve members display daily. As a result, we'd like to provide you with $500 towards the cap cost or down payment on a new Honda!


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Let Us Help You Choose: Should You Buy or Lease Your New Honda?

Here at Curry Honda, we believe that everyone deserves to drive the car they want without breaking the bank. If that car happens to be new, you have two options before you—buying, or leasing. But which should you choose? There are plenty of benefits to both, depending on your financial situation, driving habits, and needs. Let us break them down for you!

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Honda Battle of the Bands Rocks the Georgia Dome

The Georgia Dome recently hosted the annual Honda Battle of the Bands (HBOB) competition. This was the 14th anniversary of the event. Eight of the top college and university marching bands from around the country competed in this year’s HBOB, and as always, the competition was fierce. The music, the formations, and the performances were stellar and the whole Georgia Dome was rocking.

This year’s coveted award went to the Lincoln University Orange Crush Roaring Lions.

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