Why is Tire Pressure Important?

It's easy to overlook your tires until one goes flat. You can avoid an unexpected breakdown by regularly inspecting your tires and filling them to the required level suggested by your owner's manual.

At least once a month, while you are washing your car, you can take a moment to check your tire pressure using a gauge. It's normal for tires to lose a small amount of air over time, so you can top up the amount to keep them continually at the optimal level. If your tires are low on air, they'll wear unevenly and also cause your engine to work harder, wasting gas. Be careful not to fill them too much, however, as extra air can also cause them to wear unevenly.

Let our mechanics at Curry Honda Atlanta keep your tires properly maintained by checking the tread, filling them with air, rotating them or installing a seasonally appropriate set.



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