A number of SUVs boast great size but poor maneuverability, durability, or fuel-efficiency. The new 2019 Honda Passport is a midsize SUV that offers plenty of all those features and much more. Not only does this vehicle have impressive interior space, but it also offers healthy hauling capacities and exterior dimensions. Combined, these functions give it exceptional off-road capabilities.

The 2019 Honda Passport comes fully equipped with all-weather tires for good immediate effect. 20-inch tires help to jack this vehicle nearly 11-inches above the ground, which gives it extra clearance for those muddy roads or logging trails. The available 2019 Honda Passport fender flares can add to this effect and provide yet more protection from sloppy roads.

On the sportier front, the new 2019 Honda Passport also offers accessorized exhaust finishers that add both good looks and extra protection. These work well with the available diecast running boards that allow easier entry and exit to the vehicle during the dry or wet conditions.



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