Prepare for Winter with an Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

We at Curry Honda Atlanta want all our community to drive safe and prepare for the winter months. An emergency kit for your vehicle will help you feel ready for winter driving hazards. Your kit should include items for you, your passengers and your vehicle.

Winter boots, extra clothing, and blankets will help you and your passengers stay warm. You can also pack a portable cell phone charger to stay connected. Food, water, and books for children will help keep everyone calm and settled if you must wait for help. You can also include a few fun items if you have kids, like travel games to keep them occupied.

A first aid kit, tire gauge, tow chain, and flashlights are good items for your emergency kit. If it is snowing, a shovel and ice scraper are convenient to include in your car or truck. Jumper cables and rags will help if your car won't start. You may want to include extra fluids for your vehicle too!



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