Is Driving on Winter Tires All Year Optimal?

Around Chamblee, we've all seen drivers use their winter tires all year. At Curry Honda Atlanta, we advise against this move.

Tire companies create specialized products. Ideally, you will run winter-compatible tires in winter and summer-loving tires in summer. If you do that, your vehicle will grip slick roads better in winter, enabling you to accelerate and stop more responsively. When you use the right tires in summer, you improve your car's nimbleness.

Winter tires fight snow and ice with flexible rubber. Some makers tout their winter models' improved grip as temperatures plummet below freezing. That pliable rubber can help icy roads feel like dry pavement. Against summer conditions, such rubber falters. Also, winter tires feature large tread blocks and deep grooves that respectively enhance traction and channel slush. Those tread characteristics work for you in winter and push against you in summer. For optimal handling all year, drive on winter and summer tires during the appropriate months.



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