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Indications of a Faulty Fuel Pump

An indicator for determining if you have a failing fuel pump in your vehicle's engine is often found as you’re driving, rather than idling. That is because, as you’re driving at a higher rate of speed, you will be able to identify if the engine “sputters.”

Typically, a strong indication will be that the engine will sputter and then immediately continue its normal range of performance. Most times, that scenario is the indication of a failed fuel pump; however, it could also indicate a clogged fuel filter which will mimic the same type of sputtering.

When the engine is sputtering, there is a probability of difficulty to continue a flow of fuel to the engine and with the correct pressure needed within the fuel system. If you’re experiencing any such indicator, contact Curry Honda Atlanta as soon as possible. Our service department is located in Chamblee, GA and appointments are welcomed!
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