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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs to be Repaired

One of the aspects of keeping your vehicle properly maintained is recognizing when the brake system needs inspection and maintenance. If the brake pedal has become soft, that’s a strong indicator that the brake fluid is not flowing as it should to operate the parts properly. You want your car’s pedal to feel like it has the ability to stop and hold you in place. One of several situations may be the cause.

The main culprit is usually air in the lines. When this occurs, it requires bleeding the air out, which will then provide the freedom of movement the fluid needs. It’s the fluid that provides the force to move the system’s parts. If, on the other hand, a leak has been spotted in the lines, at the caliper, or pads, that will require a repair as determined by the situation. It’s not uncommon for old lines to rust and wear. They need replacing after a while.

When you have questions, feel free to stop in to Curry Honda Atlanta in Chamblee, GA. One of our reliable technicians will be happy to assist you with your brakes or any other aspect of your car’s maintenance.

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