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Signs It is Time to Get Your Transmission Serviced

The transmission on your car allows you to change gears. It controls the power sent to each wheel and makes it possible to drive at varying speeds comfortably. When you have problems with your transmission, it's time to come in to Curry Honda Atlanta for service.

Your transmission may be having problems if you struggle to gain speed, or your car seems to change gears slowly. If you put your car into reverse and it takes several seconds for your gear to engage, this is delayed engagement caused by transmission issues.

When your car isn't changing gears well, Curry Honda Atlanta which check the fluid levels of your transmission. A simple fluid leak can be your problem, and it will be fixed right away. If your car seems to slip gears, or you find fluid below your car, it's time to call for help.

With Curry Honda Atlanta, we will get you ready for the road again in no time.

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