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Kitty Litter, Sand, Or Road Salt

You may be wondering if using kitty litters is more eco-friendly than road salt. To put it simply; no it is not. Both kitty litter, made of clay, and road salt can be devastating to your landscape.

Salt attacks vegetation by making the soil in which it is planted unsuitable for quality of life. It also erodes away anything it touches. Kitty litter of the clay sort soaks up and holds onto moisture which can make it a headache to deal with. It can create a slippery mess on your driveway and sidewalks, and when it reaches your lawn, it creates a hostile environment for growing things.

The better alternative to either of these is sand because it provides the necessary grit to help get out of slippery situations and easily assimilates into any landscape without causing harm.

You really should stop by Curry Honda Atlanta to schedule your vehicle's pre-winter maintenance before bad weather hits.
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