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Hatchbacks Offer Safety and High Resale Values

While SUV’s are known for their safety chops, another smaller vehicle class is just as impressive on the passenger and driver safety fronts. This vehicle class is known as the hatchback, and many models offer drivers and passengers the latest in safety technology. Here at our Curry Honda Atlanta location, we take pride in helping our customers find the safety features that meet their specific needs.

On the safety front, many modern hatchbacks offer drivers and passengers an effective mix of useful and potentially life-saving safety features. For example, quite a few frontline hatchback models provide safety tools that include driver assistance systems, camera systems for awareness, and enhanced airbag coverage. Even though hatchbacks tend to be smaller and lighter than other vehicles, these safety tools take up some of that slack and help hatchback drivers to avoid collisions in the first place.

These innovative safety features are a big reason why many hatchback models are able to retain their resale values years after the initial sales. As a matter of fact, hatchback owners who take good care of their cars can often expect their vehicles to retain up to 60% of their original value after three to four years. Clearly, this level of durability is something that every Chamblee area driver would find rewarding.



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