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Many Expenses Come with Owning a Car

Most people who buy a car get a loan to do so. While the monthly payment for that loan is likely to be the biggest expense of owning an automobile, there are a number of other costs as well.

  • You can't drive a car without insurance, which is likely to be your second-biggest ongoing cost of ownership. If you have a car with a loan on it, you will need to carry full coverage. If your car is paid off and not worth much, you can get by with just liability insurance.
  • Maintenance is another cost of owning a car. You have ongoing costs, such as for things like car washes and oil changes, as well as one-time expenses, such as replacing a tire or battery.
  • Other vehicle-related expenses can include tolls, parking fees and traffic tickets.

Come to Curry Honda in Atlanta to learn about the costs of owning a vehicle.

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